Friday, September 03, 2010

Vegetable Hakka Noodles

Friday, September 03, 2010
So i was sick of the normal Maggi and stuff so tried this recipe. Has a lot of veggies in it and is very easy to make except for the chopping part and very tasty:). 

You will need :

Hakka noodles - 200 gms 
Carrot - 1 big very thinly sliced
Cabbage - about a cup very finely chopped
Colorful Capsicums - about a cup very thinly sliced
Onion - 1 med thinly sliced
Beans - about 10 chopped
Spring onions - about a cup chopped
Bean sprouts - about 2 handfulls or more if u like them :)
Soy Sauce
Chilli sauce (optional)
Oil ( i tried with olive oil.. it was good )

This is how you do  :

1. Boil water(about 10 cups) with some oil and salt and put in the noodles and cook for 2 min.
2. Drain the water and put the noodles in cool water and keep aside.
3. On a high flame heat oil in a wok(its easy to make in a wok or a pan)
4. Add the onions, cabbage, carrots, beans and toss them or sauté them or stir fry till the veggies become a bit soft but be careful be careful not to burn them.
5. Add the capsicum and again toss.
6 .Now drain water and add the noodles, soy sauce, chilli sauce, salt and    
pepper and toss well for about a minute or two.
7. Add the spring onions and sprouts.Mix well and serve.

You have to be a bit quick and careful so that you don't burn the veggies :)

So here you go 

Trust me, it was really yummy :)

P.S - You can also add scrambled egg to make Egg hakka noodles or can add boiled boneless chicken chunks to make Chicken Hakka Noodles :)


Onion-Tomato Chutney

I suddenly wanted to have this chutney very badly yesterday night for  my oats dosas.. I wanted something sour and spicy to go with the dosas.. So here it goes..very simple and tasty..

You will need :

Onion - 1 large chopped (for this one time you don't have to chop finely :))
Tomatoes - 1 large chopped
Green chillies - 6-7 or to your spice level
Garlic pods - 3-4
Tamarind - lemon sized 
Mustard Seeds - 1tsp
Jeera - 2tsp
Urad Dal - 1tbsp

How you do it :

1. In a kadai heat oil and fry the mustard, urad dal, jeera, garlic pods and chilles.
2. Ad the onions and fry till they become translucent.
3. Add the tomatoes and tamarind and fry till they become soft.
4. Cool and grind.( you can grind coarsely or into a smooth paste)

Here you go


It goes well with Dosas and Idlis :)

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